The 6 BEST Ways to Deal With Down Days

So you’re just not feeling up to your usual self? Here are some great tips to feeling better, stat!

  • ACCEPT IT – Having down days make the good days that much better- sometimes you just need a little cry and a cookie… or 10…
  • WRITE IT DOWN – Why might you feel down? Can you avoid feeling like this again? Even if you can’t, writing is very therapeutic and helps transfer negative thoughts out of your head.
  • REFRESH – Every moment is a new one and an opportunity for a fresh start. Leave the past and move on.
  • DRINK UP – Tea isn’t called a hug in a mug for nothing – there are so many different calming herbal teas- camomile, lemon and ginger, and mint are great. Stay hydrated and nourish your body.
  • LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY – You are alive and loved and healthy and amazing! Don’t let anyone put you down.
  • SMILE! – So simple yet so effective! Smile and make someone’s day.

.Many thanks to Amanda for this Thinking Out Loud LinkUp!






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