10 Small Steps To Eat Healthier Every Day

Rather than going onto another restrictive diet, try incorporating healthy habits into your diet which will last you a lifetime!

  1. Use Less Oil – Instead of deep frying, use spray oil or  shallow fry in no more than 1 tbsp of oil, adding water to make up the oil difference. Fry on a low heat and with a lid to lock in the water, almost steaming the food. This works great with all foods and gives you that caramelised flavour for far fewer calories.
  2. Just Add Fruit & Veg – Vegetables add texture and depth to dishes, and are full of vitamins and fibre helping you to fill up on fewer calories. Fruits are also great added to salads and baking for natural sweetness rather than sugar filled vinaigrettes or cakes.
  3. Season Your FoodHerbs and spices are flavourful and delicious meaning that less oil can be used and you will be satisfied with less food.
  4. Cut Back on Added Salts and Sugars – Excess salt raises your blood pressure and excess sugar leads to cavities and even diabetes. Try gradually reducing the amounts you put in your food- your taste buds will adapt to the flavour over time, and chances are you’ll feel much better too!
  5. Eat BreakfastKick start your metabolism and halt those 10am doughnut cravings with a healthy breakfast of oats/ fruit/ omelette/ breakfast sandwich to name a few.
  6. Drink More Water – Check you are drinking enough and try to drink 1-2 cups of water before every meal. Switch from juices and soda to unsweetened teas and water.
  7. Get Your Vitamins –  Make sure you aren’t deficient in any vitamins by eating a varied and balanced diet. If needs be start taking multivitamins after approval from your doctor.
  8. Keep Portions in Check – Aim for half your plate to be veg, a quarter wholemeal carbs and a quarter lean protein.
  9. Travel With Snacks – So you’ll be less likely to buy chocolate bars or cookies on the run!
  10. Have Fun!experiment with different seasonings or make healthier alternatives to your favourite meals. Healthy eating shouldn’t feel restrictive and if you want a treat, have one! If you eat 80% healthy and excercise then one treat won’t make you unhealthy, it will make you human! Life is for living so don’t take it too seriously 🙂

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