How to Choose Your Driving Instructor


  • Many driving schools have introductory offers. Use them, and if you weren’t happy with the service, don’t feel pressured to continue. Move on to another! A common mistake is the thought that your first school is your last- try as many as you like!
  • Ask friends and family who they used for honest opinions
  • There are always the major driving schools– AA, Bill Plant, RAC, RED, BSM
  • Search online review websites e.g. Yell , Free Index,  UK Government, UK Best Driving Schools
You should try to choose someone:

  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Able to work with your schedule
  • A fully DSA certified instructor (green ADI ID certificate)
  • Willing to teach you from the start to passing
  • Has a track record of passing students
  • Dual controlled car
  • A teacher whose sole purpose is not to pass the test in 1 week, but to teach you to drive for life
  • Someone who has experience
  • You are paying your money to learn to drive- make it worth it!
  • Make sure you get on with your instructor– this is so important- no matter how good they are, their personality will affect your ability and keenness to learn.
  • Make sure you are assessing the driving instructor, NOT driving school. Just because a large company has a good reputation it does not mean they are better than some independent instructors
  • Many of the large schools are franchised out anyway (even though they have undergone additional checks by the company)
  • you feel ready
  • you have enough time
  • you will need to drive in the near future
  • you are able to afford the cost
  • (Do not rush to learn to drive as soon as you are 17! You may not need to drive due to good public transport and the cost of insurance is very high for new drivers which may mean putting off buying your own car)
  • Locally
  • (Cheaper & more practical– your instructor will usually pick you up from your house/school/ work and drop you off back there)

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